7 Interesting Facts About Dreams

7 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dreaming is a universal experience that comprises of a series of images, sensations, emotions and ideas upon which a person has no control. Since ancient times, dreams have been a topic of interest for mankind. Several studies have been conducted on dreams. Have a look at some of the facts.

1. Everyone dreams

You won’t find even one person on earth who’d tell you, he/she doesn’t dream. If they say so, it actually means they can’t recall it. Men, women, young, old, everyone dreams; only the content of dreams vary for each one.

2. Dreams differ from person to person

Men usually dream about other men, whereas women’s dreams contain equal number of men and women. The content of men’s dreams is more aggressive than women’s dreams. Toddlers tend to visualize themselves in dreams only after the age of 3 or 4.

3. Visually challenged people also dream

People who are visually challenged since birth are unable to see any images in their dreams. But, they have intense dreams that comprise of other senses such as smell, touch, sound and emotion. Those who lose sight after birth can see visuals in their dreams.

4. Not everybody dreams in color

It’s not that everyone’s dreams are colored. Many people with a good eye sight dream in black and white. Others dream in color. While this is a noticeable difference between individuals, nothing is known about its impact, as yet.

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