7 Important Questions You Must Ask Before Taking Life Insurance

7 Important Questions You Must Ask Before Taking Life Insurance

While buying a life insurance cover, there are bound to be some questions in mind. You might be thinking, which cover would be right for you? Or for that matter, what options you would get in your life insurance cover. Well, listed are some important questions you must ask before buying a suitable cover.

1. Where to buy from?

The most important question is where to buy from? It is important that you do lots of research before buying a life cover. There are many sites that provide a detailed policy coverage comparison. Choose the best cover along with the right premium rates of the policy. Choose a company that provides you with good benefits.

2. What about living benefits?

There are many companies that provide with living benefits when you purchase a life insurance cover. So, know about those benefits before purchasing the policy, the control and liquidity of the policy. The premiums and tenure of the policy, all these things matter a lot while buying the policy. Also know about the added accidental death benefits, if any.

3. What about the return?

Well, things are truly uncertain in life today, so it is important that you enquire about the return on the policy. Guaranteed return would let you know about the amount on the expiry of your life cover. Guaranteed returns do not get affected by the fluctuations in the market and irrespective of any reason, so they are kind of safe.

4. What if there is a health issue?

Another question to ask is about your health issues. Nothing is constant in life! In the future if there is a medical emergency or there is a heath issue, will the terms of the policy change? If your policy is permanent, it won’t cause you much of a stress. But, if it is not, then you must know about all the terms and things thereafter.

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