7 Homemade Face Scrubs

7 Homemade Face Scrubs

The primary role of a facial scrub is exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and show off fresh and glowing skin. And when the product is natural and homemade, the results are safer and effective. Here are some homemade face scrubs for a perfect complexion and glowing skin.

1. The goodness of green tea on skin

Green tea has amazing health properties but did you know that it shows great results on your skin as well? Make a concoction of loose green tea for better results. Take a couple of tablespoons of brewed tea and mix in one tablespoon of sugar to make a gritty paste. Add in the sugar only when the tea has cooled. The paste should not be too thick or too wet but take on the consistency of a good scrub. Introduce a tablespoon of honey for giving it moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties. Rub it on skin gently especially on the sides of the nose but be careful with the eye area.

2. Lemon scrub for brightness

For instant brightening along with exfoliation, mixing lemon concentrate with your regular scrub is a great idea. Mix two tablespoons of salt and juice from half a lemon. Next, add sugar until the mixture becomes grainy but not dry. Scrub it onto skin and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

3. For that baby soft skin

If you desire to get the freshness and softness of baby soft skin, then this is the scrub you must try. Mix half a cup of olive oil with one cup of brown sugar well. Use the scrub on your face followed by lemon juice and you will notice visible results within a week. What’s more, get your desired baby soft skin.

4. Simple but effective scrub

Take one teaspoon of cane sugar, a couple of drops of water and a couple of drops of orange, lavender, lemon or melaleuca essential oil. Mix them well in a bowl. Rub onto clean face in circular motions. Make sure, you avoid the eyes. Rinse with water. Thereafter, a dash of moisturizing olive oil can be applied to seal in the lost moisture.

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