7 Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

7 Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

A price tag can be attached to any gift. However, a homemade anniversary gift is priceless and especially when it is gifted to someone special like a best friend, the worth it acquires is immense. So, here are some cool anniversary gift ideas for friends.

1. Host an anniversary dinner for them

There is nothing more comforting than your favorite food. And when someone who adores you prepares them for you, you are on cloud 9. Hosting a beautiful and scrumptious anniversary lunch or dinner for your friends is an excellent idea they will never forget. The moment of joy when they see the set table is all worth the trouble of cooking.

2. Recycle

You may have old paper plates or some stuff in multiples. These could be arranged and fixed, sewn or stitched together with pictures or handmade portraits of all the good times you’ve had. This could go on their wall and represent a friendship wall of fame.

3. Make a home video

You could shoot the good times or a specific occasion with your anniversary celebrating friends without making them aware of it. The ego is always caressed when you see yourself on video or television. If you can’t shoot, then simply string photos together using good software and blend the right music to get a great video. The video will make a wonderful and memorable homemade anniversary gift idea for friends.

4. Design a bag

Bags are multi-purpose and useful for both men and women. But here’s the twist, get yourself some fabric pens and a large plain tote bag. Draw or sketch on them and even write to capture what you feel. But try to make it look cool so that your friend wants to take it out with him or her.

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