7 Healthy Ways to Reward Your Kids

7 Healthy Ways to Reward Your Kids

If you wish to make your kids feel special, there are many gestures and ways to do something for them. There is a difference between healthy reward and pampering. If you choose healthy rewards, then your kid will feel special and you will feel satisfied. Besides, it will lead to positive reinforcement and your kid may learn the best lessons of life. So, read on to know some healthy ways to reward kids.

1. Gift books

It is always a good idea to reward your kids with books. Reading books will help to increase their knowledge and awareness. Give them books which can help to enhance their thinking ability. Books as a reward will also inculcate healthy reading habit.

2. Offer extra time to play

Kids just love playing! They will get all the more ecstatic if they get some extra time. Give them the extra time that they need with a promise. Tell them if they finish off their work on time, they will get extra time to play. This reward will definitely help them to think better.

3. Promise rewards

Tell your child to collect his/ her rewards, so that it can be cashed at the weekend. Tell your kid that he has to study the whole week to enjoy his weekend. Give your kids the option of weekend outings. It could be anything like a movie, dinner or sleepover with friends. This will ensure good habits throughout the week.

4. Play with your kids

When you play with your kids, they seek your attention and care. Play with your kids’ at least twice or thrice a week. Play ball games with your tiny tots. And, play board games with your teens. The idea is to make them feel comfortable. This is the biggest reward for them.

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