7 Health Benefits of Chicken Soup

7 Health Benefits of Chicken Soup

Chicken soup, made all over the world, from east to west, north to south, is prepared in a variety of ways. Chicken is a high source of protein, which helps to build and strengthen muscles in the body, besides tissues, skin and hair. Chicken soup, is thus a beneficial food; besides many love to savor it.

1. Rich source of proteins

White meat, contained in fish, eggs and chicken is a high source of protein and very healthy. Some health experts recommend white meat over red meat, as white meat is not supposed to lead to a high cholesterol level, and as such, does not pose a threat to the cardiovascular system.

2. For serious ailments

Nutritionists recommend chicken soup to patients recovering from serious illnesses, even heart ailments, as it is not risky for such patients, besides it does not build up cholesterol.

3. For the weight-conscious

Researchers have discovered that the protein-rich chicken soup scores in helping people to reduce weight and abdominal fat more quickly than other diets.

4. Clears lung congestion

Chicken soup also clears congestion; besides inhibiting the white blood cells from responding to inflammatory signals, thereby preventing a sore throat and development of phlegm. Researchers also say that chicken soup contains an amino acid, which leads to thinning of the mucus and eases lung congestion.

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