7 Great Reasons to Date a Nerdy Guy

7 Great Reasons to Date a Nerdy Guy

If you are always behind the cool and famous guy then you end up limiting your options for dating. Meanwhile you fail to notice the simple, nerdy guys who aren’t in the limelight for being cool and happening but are actually really good. Here are 7 great reasons to date a nerdy guy.

1. You won’t feel insecure

If you date a nerdy guy you will not be insecure about the relationship. It will be much easier for you to be in your own skin and show your real self. He probably has not dated a string of women, so you may be his first real love.

2. You can be open and honest with him

With this guy you will not have to try hard to hide your flaws. You can accept each other’s problems. You don’t have to be worried about always looking hot and attractive because he is someone who appreciates you more than that.

3. He is smart and intelligent

A nerdy guy may be lacking style and great looks but he would definitely score when it comes to smartness and intelligence. You would be impressed by the amount of knowledge he has.

4. A nerdy guy is more sensitive

You won’t be sure if a cool guy would be sensible but you can have assurance that a nerdy guy would make sensible conversations with you. He will be more understanding towards your problems.

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