7 Great New Ways to Express Your Love

7 Great New Ways to Express Your Love

Gone are the days when people used to feel shy to express their love. It is that modern era, where people do over the top things to impress the one they love. Saying a simple ‘I love you’ is passe, instead opt for some new ways to impress the one you love.

1. Toast it up

Have you heard of this innovative way to express your love? It is as simple as it sounds. On a piece of bread, use a toast stamper. A toast stamper with an ‘I love you’ marking would be great. The minute you serve this toast to him, he would feel good. In fact, it will be the best start to the morning for him.

2. Bake him an ‘I love you’ cookie cake

This concept is unique. A cookie cake looks like a cake, but is made from cookie ingredients. When the cookie cake is baked, write your love message for your dear one. Voila! Get ready to hear some compliments and a sweet kiss.

3. Use personalized labels

If he has a sweet craving, then satisfy his urge by giving him a box of sweet chocolates. On the box of chocolates, print your name with the message ‘I love you.’ You will surely make his day more special.

4. Dedicate a song to him

Music strongly connects two hearts, so a song dedication would be a perfect idea for you. Dedicate a song and perform that song for the one you love. He will really feel special. Cherish the moment forever by singing ‘I love you.’ If you know to play the guitar or a violin, then he will feel more special.

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