7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers. It’s the day when you can put all your tensions and stress behind you so that you can simply have a great time. So read on to know about the 7 fun ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day:

1. Throw a romantic couple party

The best way to have fun is to get together with other couples and have the fun of your life. Plan a romantic couple party where everyone comes in a romantic couple costume like Romeo and Juliet, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Shrek and Fiona and so on.

2. Run for love

How about getting really naughty and plan a ‘run for love’ game for your lover? Choose a romantic place like a beach, tower or bridge where you’ll be waiting for your lover. Rather than disclosing your exact location, drop clues to him leading him to that place. Just add a twist, tell him you want a fairy tale kind of chase and ask him to come walking or running! But make sure that you choose a nearby place for making your beloved ‘run for love’.

3. Watch romantic comedies back to back

If you are not in a mood to run and play around, but still want to have fun, then cuddle up together in your bed and watch romantic comedies back to back. Enjoy the hilarious love stories and laugh all the way on this Valentine’s Day.

4. Shop till you drop

Shopping is loads of fun, so let go off all your reservations this Valentine’s Day and shop together but shop for each other. How about choosing some sexy lingerie or bedroom inner wear for each other? Wouldn’t that be fun?

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