7 Fun Games You Can Play at Your Workplace During Breaks

7 Fun Games You Can Play at Your Workplace During Breaks

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s exactly the principle that applies in the arena of corporate work. The routine can be rather dull and monotonous when the same thing is done day in and day out. Games can be a good stress buster and a motivator for the employees. Fun games played during breaks or after achieving targets help in improving productivity.

1. Movers and Actors

Sort the employees in 2 teams. Each team can choose certain sounds like animal noises to define certain actions. E.g. meow could be bend, bark could be jump etc. Two members from each team are blindfolded and the others guide them to complete the actions. This can be funny and helpful at the same time. The challenge for the teams is to pick sounds that are uncommon.

2. Innovative Intro’s

Ask the employees to introduce themselves not in the normal fashion by their names, background, etc., but by associating themselves with celebrities or things they relate to.

3. Reward based games

Organizing reward based games such as crossword puzzles, word games, riddles, number crunchers, logic series etc. are a good and light way to divert minds and freshen up employees. The winner can be rewarded with some prize.

4. LAN based computer games

Almost all offices have computer systems connected through LAN. Install some LAN based games such as counter strike, American army, etc., where all employees can play together. It is amazing to see how the grown up minds show so much enthusiasm for these video games.

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