7 Friendly Signs that Unwittingly Lead a Guy On

7 Friendly Signs that Unwittingly Lead a Guy On

What if you are just friendly with a guy, but he might be getting the wrong message. Yes, it’s true there are many friendly signs that unwittingly lead a guy on. This may cause embarrassment for you and him. Know the signs to avoid the situation in the first place.

1. Praising him

If you tell him that he looks good in the shirt he is wearing, what if he takes it otherwise. You told him in a friendly way, but he might take it to be flirtatious. Compliment him, but not directly.

2. Asking personal questions

Beware! If you ask him something personal, you are heading for trouble. If you have just met him and you ask something personal, then he might take it otherwise. He will think that you are interested in him, or you have romantic feelings for him. Talking about your personal problems will also lead to a similar situation.

3. Approaching him head on

It all depends on the way you approach him. If you go right up to him and talk to him directly at a party, then he will think that you are flirting with him. He might feel that you are paying him special attention and even seducing him. Keep your approach friendly the next time you meet any guy.

4. Touching him

Even if you touch him in a friendly way, it might give him the wrong message. He might also get excited by your touch, and take this to a new level. Do not touch him unnecessarily or even while talking.

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