7 Facts About Guys That Can Help You Read His Mind

7 Facts About Guys That Can Help You Read His Mind

Instead of being anxious and curious about what your guy is thinking, try and decode his mind by knowing more about him. Once you do, you will have an open window into his personality, character nature and state of mind. Read on to know a few facts about guys that can help you read your lover’s mind.

1. Guys can be moody too

Guys tend to behave in a way that this fact about them may never come out in the open, but the reality is that they can be moody just like women. Their mood swings may come out in the form of short temper, anxiety or stress, but they are mood fluctuations at the core. The only possible factor to distinguish men’s mood swings from women could be that in most cases they are not hormone centric, but circumstantial.

2. Guys mostly get attracted to a certain aspect about a girl’s looks on first sight

It is a well known fact that guys are likely to get attracted to a girl’s physicality at first sight. It isn’t necessary for the girl to be drop dead gorgeous and have a curvaceous body. Guys usually tend to get attracted to the way a girl presents her physical self, whether it is by flashing a lovely smile or running her hands through her hair every now and then.

3. Guys get jealous very quickly

Guys may not tell this openly to their girlfriends, but they can get jealous at the drop of a hat. They feel that letting their ladies know about this may make them come across as weak and puny. You can read your guy’s mind more effectively by knowing that he may become a bundle of nerves if he sees you eyeing another man.

4. Guys love it when you keep talking

Contrary to the popular belief that guys get bored when their girlfriends keep talking and venting about their feelings, a true fact about guys is that they actually love it. So the next time you see a blank expression on your man’s face when you are yapping away, be rest assured that he is actually enjoying every bit of it.

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