7 Extremely Helpful Mobile Apps

7 Extremely Helpful Mobile Apps

Mobile applications can be downloaded and used on your mobile phones which aim at making your lives easier. Some of them are released by giant IT companies, while others are developed by enthusiastic app developers. Enlisted here a few extremely helpful mobile applications.

1. Google Maps and Google Earth

Do you want to know where you are no matter how lost you actually get? Well, Google Maps and Google Earth are certainly the apps that can help you explore the world and find your way in a new city.

2. Foursquare

Do you want more social networking tools at your disposal when you use your mobile phone? Well, the app Foursquare lets you check in wherever you go, whether it is a coffee shop, a bar or a pub. You can see other Foursquare members who are present in the same location as you are.

3. iTookThisOnMyPhone

This app has been built keeping in mind the needs of users to share their photos easily through Facebook and other such social networking sites. In just one step, you can share your photos and videos that you took on your mobile phone.

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