7 Energetic Dances from Around the World to Keep You Fit

7 Energetic Dances from Around the World to Keep You Fit

Dance knows no barriers; it’s a universal language. Different parts of the world have their own unique dance forms; some are calm and slow, others are fast and energetic. Dance as an exercise works wonders for those who are creatively inclined and get bored doing traditional exercises or at the mere mention of the word ‘gym.’ Here are 7 energetic dance forms from around the world which you can take a cue from in order to get fit.

1. Bollywood dancing (India)

The Bhangra cum Bollywood dance of India is well known as it features in every Bollywood movie. The steps are quite fast and tiring which make this form of dance a good exercise option. Additionally, there are no fixed steps or routine that you have to stick to and the songs are so groovy that you really feel like dancing.

2. Salsa (Cuba)

Salsa is the most popular form of couple dance in the world. It is a passionate dance which is best done with your lover. It’s also known as ‘an exercise in heels.’ The ladies have a lot of leg movements to do and as you keep getting more advanced in this dance form, the level of exercise keeps increasing.

3. Lindy hop (North America)

Lindy hop is an extremely fast paced and fun couple dance which evolved during the decades of 1920 and 1939 in USA and is a form of Swing dance. There are a lot of lifts, twists, turns and movements which help burn the fat.

4. Argentine Tango (Argentina and Uruguay)

Again a couple dance, the Argentine Tango is faster and more passionate in nature than Salsa. However, the leg and hand movements are a bit on the trickier side so you could be patient with the exercise part and concentrate on mastering the steps first. Once you learn the basic steps, you will burn calories through regular, faster paced dance practice sessions.

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