7 Effective Tips For Raising Twins

7 Effective Tips For Raising Twins

Twins are adorable! Everyone loves laying their eyes on twins, but they seldom think of all the sleepless nights the twins’ parents have to go through. Taking care of twins is surely two times more challenging than taking care of one baby. Here are some helpful tips which will help you raise your twins in a better way.

1. Ask for help because it doesn’t hurt

No one can be a superwoman who is capable of taking care of two babies at the same time for 24 hours. You are human and you will feel tired if you try to do everything for the two babies. This can be bad for your health as well as for the little ones. So, avoid being a supermom who tries to do it all by herself. Don’t shy away to ask others for food, diaper drop offs, diaper changes and babysitting swaps. These things will help you to take some rest. Don’t worry if the house is not clean or if the laundry is not yet done. Take a nap for one hour and then do the chores.

2. Make all the arrangements before you step into the home with babies

You can ask your husband to collect every important baby item before you enter the house with babies. Plan ahead and buy car seats, a crib, bassinets, basic gear etc. Stock up on some diaper sizes and pile up clean baby blankets in the closet. Keep the freezer stocked with prepared baby meals and easy snacks. You can mix up formula in batches and stock it in fridge. This will help you to take out the formula whenever you need it. Also, it helps your family members to use the formula when you are not around.

3. Feed and tuck the babies in at the same time

Feed the babies at the same time. Create a schedule that allows you to tuck both the babies in at the same time. Work hard towards merging the schedule of the babies. You can nurse simultaneously or one after the other.

4. Pick a good stroller

A good stroller allows you to go out, shop and even work out with the babies. Pick a stroller that suits your lifestyle. You can buy or borrow a double seat stroller for the babies. Such strollers help you to buckle in both the babies while you shop.

5. Go outside the house every single day

Go for a trip to the library, to a coffee shop or just walk around the block. Staying at home for household chores and chores related to babies can leave you unhappy and highly stressed.

6. Talk to other moms

Connect with other moms on discussion forums and in the neighborhood. Share your experiences and make some new friends. Have a get-together with all the moms and their babies a few times. This will help you learn a lot of things from the other mothers who take care of twins. You can share twin parenting tips and information with all the moms.

7. Use home delivery services

Sometimes, we just don’t want to get out of the home because it is too cold or because you are feeling lazy. It is absolutely alright for you to feel lazy. So, don’t trouble your body too much. Find out a grocery store that offers home delivery services and place an order whenever you need to. This will save your time and free you from wondering how to go grocery shopping while you have twins to take care of.

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