7 Easy Ways To Help The Environment

7 Easy Ways To Help The Environment

‘Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.’ ~Henry David Thoreau

Increasing environmental challenges have caused a sudden rise in concerns and efforts to lessen the adverse effects of human activities on environment. Increasing average temperature, rise in sea level, shrinking forests, reducing natural resources and an ever increasing ‘concrete jungle’ are the most visible features of a world moving towards its own destruction. Now the time has gone to sit, think, plan and then act. It’s high time to undertake measures that are effective. Here are several ways to help Mother earth and the environment.

1. Avoid private vehicles unless necessary

A major reason of environmental degradation is pollution and one of the major sources of pollution can be controlled, if we use our vehicles wisely. Use public transport as much as possible.

2. Save energy

Energy conservation is another step to a safer planet, which we seek to achieve. It is not only a pocket-friendly method but it also helps to prevent wastage of the limited natural resources. This includes switching off lights and electric gadgets when they are not in use, not overheating or overcooling your rooms, cleaning and replacing AC filters every second month, insulating your walls and ceilings, etc.

3. Keep your surroundings clean

Make sure that your surroundings are clean in order to protect the environment from pollution.

4. Plant as many trees around your locality as possible

Planting trees can be a blessing, whose benefits can be reaped by one and all. Plant a little garden in your backyard, where you can grow not just fruits and vegetables but also herbs and other useful plants. Also, you can plant shade trees outside your house. It will keep your surroundings fresh and pleasant even during summers.

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