7 Best Places To Get A Tattoo

7 Best Tattoo Locations On The Female Body

Tattooing is a kind of body art that is gaining immense popularity among young girls and middle-aged women, thanks to the creative designs that tattoo artists are coming up with. Although having a tattoo on the body can be exciting, you cannot afford to take a hasty decision. If you wish to have a tattoo on your body, you must first take into consideration several factors. The most important ones being, the artist whom you’d be consulting, the design you’d be choosing and the most essential one, the placement of the tattoo. The location of your tattoo depends on your discretion, whether you want to flaunt it all the time or wish to reveal only when you want. To help you with your decision, here’s a list of body parts where you can have your tattoo.

1. Lower back

A tattoo on the lower back is the most feasible and sexiest option that can be. Firstly, the lower back is a comparatively flatter part of the body, so getting a tattoo done is easy. Secondly, it adds to your sex appeal because it can be seen only when you bend; not otherwise. And you know the rule of thumb, what’s intriguing is always sexy!

2. Upper Back

If you wish to engrave your favorite quotes on your body or want a beautiful, symmetrical design, then the upper back is the right place. Although the upper back has a lot of bumps that make it difficult to tattoo the skin, it looks extremely attractive when you have a tattoo there.

3. Back

The back is the right place for a real big design. Since, your back comprises a large area, this is the perfect place for you to exhibit your taste as well as your tattoo artist’s talent. For example, you can have an exotic urn, which has intricate details in it, painted on your back. This will not only reflect the mastery of your tattoo artist, but will also show your love for oriental designs.

4. Ankle

This is one of the best places for a simple, feminine design. What’s more, it makes you look sexier than you already are! Plus, you can reveal it occasionally if you want. You can wear a pair of stockings whenever you don’t want to flaunt it.

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