7 Best Movies of Daniel Day Lewis

7 Best movies of Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis– the actor who has become an unforgettable hero with his remarkable portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the movie, ‘Lincoln’ for which he won the Best actor in the leading role in the Oscar 2013. The actor is well renowned for his acting technique and research in his roles. With historical roles, epic drama, classics and crime thriller under his belt, he has experimented with a wide array of film genres. Here are some of the best 8 movies of Daniel Day Lewis.

1. Lincoln

Revolving around the 13th amendment act in the United States during the reign of President Abraham Lincoln, this historical drama adds a winning streak to the work done by Daniel Day Lewis winning him the Best actor award this year in the Oscars.

2. There will be Blood

A business man discovers gold; it’s the story of a sharp and shrewd Daniel Plainview portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis making it a critically acclaimed film in terms of its treatment and justice to the role depicted by the actor.

3. Gangs of New York

The story of vengeance, rage, anger and a power play in 19th century America is the main plot line of this American thriller. The magnanimous character of Bill the Butcher cutting portrayed by Lewis is a land mark moment in the acting career of Lewis.

4. Nine

To add to the milieu of his experimental success in acting, Lewis was seen in ‘Nine’ as Guido Conitini, a self centered and aggressive film director.

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