7 Best Compliments to Give Men

7 Best Compliments to Give Men

Don’t be under the false impression that just about any compliment you give your guy will be well taken. Just like women, men too have preferences for the kind of compliments they would like to hear. Pick from the following compliments that you should give your man.

1. I feel really safe with you

One evergreen compliment that is guaranteed to make your man smile is telling him how safe and secure you feel in his company. This will make him feel that he is protecting you in the right way and his masculinity will be stoked. Give this compliment to him when you are walking back home with him late in the night or just before bedtime when you are snuggling with him.

2. You make plain clothes look hot

Men don’t care too much about the compliments they get for their clothes because they don’t put much time and effort in dressing up. When you tell your man that he is looking good, you have to praise the way he is carrying off his clothes, not the clothes per se. Instead of saying that a black shirt looks good on him, tell him that he makes even a simple black shirt look hot.

3. Your workout has really paid off

Every man loves to hear a compliment about his physique, whether he has actually bulked up or not. If your guy plays a sport or works out at the gym, let him know that you are noticing his progress. This will make him feel that his efforts have paid off. Tell him that his biceps are looking hot or that he can give a Hollywood hunk a run for his money.

4. You are so good with the kids

If you are married, this is one of the compliments that you can flatter your man with. Every father would love to hear that he is a great dad. Even if your husband is struggling with the kids or needs your help in managing them, complimenting him on his parenting skills will give his confidence a boost. Make him feel like the bigger person by telling him that he is doing a great job as a provider of the family and as a parent.

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