7 Benefits of Jumping Rope

7 Benefits of Jumping Rope

In this day and age, when the need to exercise and stay fit is assuming so much prominence, there are so many guys and gals out there who are still waiting for that magic pill to hit the market – just pop in one and lo! Your muscles are automatically in shape and your weight is under control. But the fact is that is never going to happen. You will have to exercise and stay fit. But, if you feel bored to hit the gym, we bring to you a simpler option – jumping rope. Listed here are some benefits of jumping rope that would surely tempt you to try it out.

1. Burns calories

You can burn approximately 60 % more calories by jumping rope than by running and that too without spending on any costly equipment or years of training.

2. Builds coordination, endurance and balance

Gymnasts and boxers don’t jump rope for no reason after all. Coordination of arms and legs are needed to keep the rope in motion and along with improved coordination comes improved balance. Besides, the more time you give to it, your endurance increases.

3. Tones muscles

Jumping rope and introducing different maneuvers into it results in the workout of every muscle in your body, from your shoulder to your abs and hips. This results in toned muscles and that lean and slim look you were dreaming of.

4. Less side-effects

Compared to other exercises, jumping rope has very few, if any, side effects. For instance, it is easier on your knees than say running or cycling.

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