7 Benefits of Black Pepper

5. Black pepper promotes healthy gums and teeth

Black pepper improves dental health. It reduces the inflammation of gums and it also relieves acute tooth pain. Black pepper powder and a pinch of salt when applied on dental cavities can reduce toothache.

6. Black pepper regulates blood pressure

The presence of vital minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium in black pepper help lower blood pressure. Increased sodium level is identified to be the reason for high blood pressure. Pepper contains potassium that minimizes the sodium level and regulates blood pressure.

7. Other benefits

Apart from possessing antioxidants, black pepper is also rich in minerals like iron which builds blood cells, potassium which regulates blood pressure, zinc which removes cholesterol, chromium that enhances metabolism, manganese which promotes bone-building and metabolism, magnesium that promotes nerve and muscle health and calcium which is required for bone and dental health. Black pepper also helps to develop your immune system.

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