7 Beauty Tips for Puffy Eyes

7 Beauty Tips for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can make a beautiful face look weary and unhealthy. Eyes get puffy especially after a sleepless night or due to excessive drinking. However there are some beauty tips that you can follow to give your puffy eyes an even and smooth appearance.

1. Wash your eyes thoroughly

The first thing you need to do to cure puffy eyes is wash it with cold water for a long time. Use soap and rinse your eyes thoroughly to get over some of the puffiness.

2. Relax yourself with cucumbers

Placing freshly sliced cucumbers on each of the eyes is the best way to soothe and lend your eyes a coolness effect. Simply take two round slices of cucumbers and place them on your eyes. Relax for at least 15 minutes before you go in for your shower.

3. Save those tea bags

Refrigerate used tea bags and then place them in another bag. Keep this bag over your swollen eyes to lessen their puffiness.

4. Keep your head up while sleeping

Always remember to keep your head high while sleeping to prevent puffiness. You can use a thick pillow or sleep with two pillows below your head.

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