7 Arguments to Avoid When You are in a Relationship

7 Arguments to Avoid When You are in a Relationship

No matter how much you love your boyfriend, you are bound to have differences in opinion with him about many things. But there are a few types of issues in a relationship that are not worth arguing about. Here are a few of them.

1. Money

Money can be a sensitive topic for a man because the amount of money a man makes is directly linked to his ego. Stay away from fighting about issues related to your boyfriend’s allowance, salary, expenses or savings. Talking about it occasionally may be acceptable, but delving deeper into money matters may lead you into an argument with him which is likely to lead nowhere.

2. Exes

Are you still upset that your boyfriend is friends with his ex? Has his ex been the reason of many fights with your boyfriend before? If his ex has already caused so much trouble in your relationship, it is best to avoid arguing with him about this topic. No matter how much you fight and argue about his ex, his past is not going to change. Instead of complicating matters and ruffling through his past, you should avoid having this argument in the first place.

3. Cars and gizmos

Men love splurging on cars and gizmos and women never seem to understand why. Collecting cars and gizmos to men is what shopping is to women. If you don’t understand why your boyfriend is spending time at car exhibitions or planning his next gizmo purchase, leave him to his choices. This is one thing women may never be able to fathom about men and it is not worth arguing about.

4. His parents

Most women become very nervous when they are trying their best to get along with their boyfriends’ parents. As you start knowing his parents better, you may form an opinion about them and even disagree with them at times. Don’t let this become a topic of argument between you and your boyfriend. At the end of the day, his parents are the people who have brought him up and he may feel offended if you speak ill about them.

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