7 Ancient Proverbs Not Practical Enough to be Followed Today

7 Ancient Proverbs Not Practical Enough to be Followed Today

It’s always a delight to read quotes, proverbs and idioms for even with a few words and sentences they capture the essence of living. However, there are some really ancient proverbs which seem redundant today. They may have been of great importance to our ancestors but will fall flat in today’s practical and more progressive times. It’s time you kicked these 7 proverbs out of your life for good.

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Look at long distance relationships, be it between lovers or families. They just don’t work. People drift apart when they are away from each other and get busy with their own lives. Absence makes people drift away from each other as they grow out of the relationship and lessen contact over the period of time.

2. Better late than never

You can’t afford to be laid back and late in the 21st century when the competition is at an all time high. Yes, this idiom does apply to certain situations as it is a very positive and motivational one. However, in most cases today, you have to be on time or else you lose opportunities forever.

3. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know

People throw around this quote when a couple is going through a rough patch and are deciding to split up. This is not practical at all because firstly, it’s not fair to assume that the new person who will walk into our lives would be akin to a devil. Secondly, being miserable just because you assume that you are gong to be more miserable anyway in a future relationship is just akin to wasting your life.

4. Women and children should be seen, not heard

This idiom was phrased at a time when societies all over the world were patriarchal in nature and considered women and children as weak and low. Their duties were to look good, be calm and do their duties as told by the adult males. Today’s women and children are anything but quiet. They have minds of their own and have the rights to do what they want.

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