7 Advantages of Working in Office Over Working from Home

7 Advantages of Working in Office Over Working from Home

Working from home and staying in an office environment, both have their pros and cons. Most people freelance when they are connected with many companies or projects, have some personal hindrances or if they are simultaneously studying. However, most people prefer to take the age old route of going to office daily. Recently Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer made it mandatory for everyone to work from office and banned work from home, so here we discuss the advantages of doing what Mrs. Mayer suggested.

1. A serious work oriented atmosphere

The office environment is such that people focus all their energies on working. It’s a formal, work oriented atmosphere wherein people are expected to be professional and take things seriously. At home, people tend to take it easy and do other things simultaneously, thus not giving enough attention to the work at hand and hence, performance suffers many a time.

2. Better social bonds

The best thing most people find about office are the colleagues which become friends. The fun people have during lunch breaks, interactive sessions, gossip times, tea breaks and simply forming healthy social bonds and lifelong friends is a feeling of happiness.

3. Motivation

Motivation is an important advantage of working in an office. Often, at home people tend to get distracted and laziness takes over making people less efficient and leading to postponement of work. In the office, there is a time limit you need to adhere to, a boss to question you, and a team which keeps itself on its toes in order to finish work. People motivate each other to work while at home, motivation and discipline are hard to maintain as we are all by ourselves.

4. More scope for growth

When people work in an office, they are generally paid more than those working from home. Besides the current salary, the scope of growth, that is promotions and appraisals are also far greater when you walk into office daily and make personal relations than when you isolate yourself by sitting at home.

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