7 Advantages Of Having An Older Sister

7 Advantages Of Having An Older Sister

For several girls like me, an older sister means a torture, a pain in the neck. But, when actually given a thought, having an older sister is not that big a loss. I’ve pulled out a list of advantages of having an older sister. Check them out.

1. You get to be “the younger one”

Come to think of it, whether you two are fighting or playing, it is always you who seems to get the unfair advantage because you are the younger one. And the fact is, you will always be considered small. No matter how old you become, you will always be a little baby to your older sis.

2. You get an experience without actually experiencing something

Quite a complicated statement, huh? As your older sis, she will be the first one to take risks and experience things in life, while you, the younger one, can easily watch and learn from her. You will know better how to deal with people and things, because she will be there to teach you as she has already been there and done that.

3. You can learn to be “cool”

As your older sister, she will teach you all the “cool” things that girls of her age know about. This goes out to the cool places to hangout, names of drinks, slangs and so on. You can use this knowledge to brag about with your classmates, crushes and friends. How cool is that!

4. You can share things with her

This goes right from your secrets to makeup and to clothes, you can share almost everything with her. And whether you want someone to gossip with or just need a shopping buddy, there is nothing that you two girls can’t do together.

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  1. Letzer says:

    Sounds great but if your parents haven’t provided you with an older sister, you may have to consider your options such as looking closer at cousins or girlfriends of cousins/older brother etc.

    Great article

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