7 Advantages of Cohabitation

7 Advantages of Cohabitation

We evolve as time passes, and with that evolution comes a broader sense of reason and morality. Add to that the fact that almost half the marriages end up in divorce , who would not consider a live-in relationship? If that does not convince you, the following reasons to consider a live-in relationship will.

1. You can end it when you want

As sad as that sounds, it is true. You do not have to file for divorce and divide your assets, you can just move out if it does not go all too well. You would not be thinking “Oh Crap! I am trapped!” in the back of your head!

2. You have financial independence

When you live-in, you share and you go Dutch. You do not open joint accounts and give each other unlimited access to bank accounts. Ergo, financial wars do not occur in live-in relationships.

3. You can test the water

You really get to know how he is when you start to actually live with him. Dating is the good non-gross part. Living in is when the reality starts to surface and you get to know if the relationship is actually going to last. Had you dated and then had a wedding ceremony, the compatibility testing would have happened after you have already committed to the institution of marriage.

4. Sex is always fresh

Because you tend to be bolder and live-in instead of tying the knot as you are conventionally supposed to do, you are open to experimentation and new possibilities because that is the tone of your relationship.

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