7 2012 Songs to Jumpstart The Year Ahead

7 2012 Songs to Jumpstart The Year Ahead

Songs are a pleasure to listen to and watch. This trend has not observed a change so far and is not expected to as well. This will continue to happen as long as there are popular artists or newcomers churning numbers that are recognized and liked by the public. Every year and season witnesses new songs and albums, some of which become hugely popular and few others that die with not much fame. 2012 may have just begun but artists have made their impressions with songs that have created uproar.

1. ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

Although the song portrays the conventional mushy romance between a couple, the electro jam music is vibrant and jumpy. The unassuming music track is nonchalant yet cinematic. Rihanna writes the song in this Calvin Harris music album that managed to steal many hearts right in the beginning of the year.

2. ‘Tattoo’ by Van Halen

‘Tattoo’ became the number one rock song in several countries including Canada, the United States and many countries in the Europe within a few days of its release in January 2012. Over two million hits in YouTube within a week is another credit to the song. This single features in the album ‘A Different Kind of Truth’.

3. ‘Simple Song’ by The Shins

‘Port of Morrow’ is the band’s fourth album and ‘Simple Song’ is the first single from this album. Although the song carries the obvious Shin’s melody, it assumes a more assertive form with classic strains of power guitar. The combination of power riff of the guitar with the singer’s choice of love expression is tremendous.

4. ‘Summer is Over’ by Jon McLaughlin feat. Sara Bareilles

A hit single from the album ‘Promising Promises’ which is the fourth studio album of the singer has usurped quite some fame for itself. The single was released earlier but the new one that released this year with Sara Bareilles creates a distinctive impact and flavor from its original.

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