6 Worlds Scariest Prisons

6 Worlds Scariest Prisons

If you still believe that people who commit horrible crimes in their lifetime go to hell after they die, here is some piece of information for you: If these criminals are caught on earth, they can still go to hell on this planet itself! There are several prisons built all over the world in order to contain the most dangerous criminals. These prisons are not only deadly but also very scary and survival in these prisons is a matter of luck and mettle. Listed here are world’s 6 scariest prisons.

1. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

Also known as the “Bangkok Hilton,” Bang Kwang Prison in Thailand has a thing for iron chains. Right from the fresh prisoners up to the ones sentenced to death, all are subjected to iron chains. Prisoners are chained in leg irons in the first months of their sentences. Inmates who fall sick are chained to their beds as they wait for their medicines—the prison is also known for its poor medical care—which never comes. Even convicts who are sentenced to death are chained till they are killed.

2. Riker’s Island Prison, New York

Riker’s Island Prison is primarily known for its aggression and hostility. The prison guards beat, stab and treat the inmates as brutally as one can imagine. There have been reports of prisoners committing suicide unable to bear the torture. This prison is also known for its ill treatment of its mentally ill prisoners, most of whom, too, often commit suicide.

3. La Sante Prison, France

This prison in Paris, France is another hell where the inmates are subjected to so much cruelty and inhuman conditions that they are compelled to commit suicide. The inmates in La Sante Prison are kept in concrete cells which are dirty, full of rats and lice. Weaker prisoners are forced to act as slaves to stronger ones and are sexually assaulted on a daily basis. The mismanagement in the prison—understaffing and overcrowding among other factors—is said to be responsible for the unruly conditions and the rising suicide rate.

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