6 Workplace Ethics You Need to Abide By

6 Workplace Ethics You Need to Abide By

Work ethics, a concept assuming more and more importance in today’s ever changing and dynamic corporate culture, in simple terms, means certain rules and code of conduct an employee needs to follow in a workplace. These are basic and day to day practices related to completion of work assigned, attitude towards other colleagues, behavior and mannerisms in the workplace, etc.

1. The Time Factor

Reaching the office on time, and meeting the deadlines for the work assigned to you are of utmost importance. Also taking long lunch breaks, or unnecessary time off during the working hours is not a good practice.

2. Work Attire

This is something office going girls must take care of. Wearing clothes according to the organization culture is a must. It could be formal, casual or probably a mix. Dressing in clothes that are transparent or revealing is a complete no. Make sure your clothes are presentable and up to the mark, though it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to don expensive brands every day.

3. Adherence to company policies

Following general company policies regarding assignments, impartial treatment, use of office premises and office property, leaves for sickness or other purposes, medical policies and benefits, smoking only within the smoke zone, serving of notice period, etc. are the policies to keep in mind and abide by.

4. Personal Behavior

Women should always keep their behavior intact at the workplace. Talking nicely and politely with coworkers and colleagues, controlling your temper if you have it, keeping personal household problems aside as much as possible, avoiding the use of foul language, etc. all fall into this category.

5. Work Performance

Of all the ethics, honesty towards your job is of prime importance. You should show complete commitment towards any task assigned to you. Not concentrating on the given work or showing any laxity in performance may prove to be quite harmful.

6. Team Work

Always make an effort to work well with your team. Don’t ever keep your personal interest above the interest of the team. It might be difficult due to difference of opinion, role or position but always regard the success of the organization as yours.

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