6 Ways to Teach Your Child to Be Environmentally Conscious

6 Ways to Teach Your Child to Be Environmentally Conscious

In today’s day and age of rapid environment degradation, wherein global warming is increasing slowly but steadily, it’s imperative that we teach the future generation the trait of Eco friendliness. The world will become an unbearable place to live in if the environment keeps deteriorating this way and it is thus up to us to instill the importance of environment conservation in our children besides the usual morals, culture and wisdom. Here are some ways by which you can do so.

1. Make them sensitive to animal suffering

The ecology consists of flora and fauna. Fauna includes all living beings and every parent teaches their child about being kind to people but many fail to include kindness to animals as an important factor. Educate your child about how animals are keeping the food chain alive and have as much right to live as humans do. Keep an eye out for the bad company your children may fall into; say other kids who torment animals and gain fun.

2. Plant saplings with them

Instead of the usual weekend outings of amusement parks, zoos or visiting relatives, you could teach your child a thing or two about the importance of plants and trees. Go on a sapling plantation spree decked with seeds of trees which can survive in your climate condition. When the children practically plant saplings with their own hands, they are sure to fall in love with nature and appreciate its beauty.

3. Enroll them in a nature class in the summers

Wondering how to make your child pass time constructively this summer? Then find out about local nature camps, classes and group treks wherein they teach children about the way the nature works. They go for insect and bird watching, plant trees, know more about their surroundings and imbibe good values about preserving the environment.

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