6 Ways to Survive Being Stood Up on a Date

4. Show your disappointment to the guy who stood you up

There is no point in calling your date vulgar names after he has stood you up. You have to be graceful and civil about the whole thing to show him that it has not affected you on a personal level, even if it has. But that should not stop you from expressing your disappointment and letting him know about the mistake he made. Whenever you meet him next, show your disappointment and frown upon the way he stood you up.

5. Spread the word so that he doesn’t do it again

If someone has stood you up on a date, then you should spread the word amongst your friends. One person will tell another and in no time, your entire friend circle will come to know. You must act cool and show that you are happy about how everything unfolded because you didn’t want to go out with a jerk like him in the first place. If the guy is in your friend circle, he will realize that all other girls have come to know about his nasty behavior, limiting his chances of getting another date with one of them. This should serve as a reminder to him to never leave another woman stranded.

6. Laugh off the matter and don’t feel bad about it

If someone stood you up, it is their bad luck that they did not get a chance to spend time with a beautiful and genuine person like you. Remove this episode from your mind and don’t let it affect you on a personal level. There is no dearth of jerks out there in this world, and you just happened to bump into one of them. Just be glad that he didn’t make it, else you would have started dating that jerk for a longer period.

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