6 Ways to Survive Being Stood Up on a Date

6 Ways to Survive Being Stood Up on a Date

Have you been stood up on a date? Apart from the direct embarrassment caused to you, there can be other psychological and emotional repercussions of the whole situation too. Here is how you can handle that moment and get yourself back on your feet after being stood up.

1. Try to get in touch with your date

Before coming to the conclusion that your date stood you up, try to get in touch with him. Try to call him and if you can’t reach his cell phone, leave a voice mail. You can even try to contact him by sending a text message or an email if you have connectivity on your cell phone. Your date could be stuck in traffic or he may have had an emergency situation that held him back. Stop assuming things and just call him to find out where he is.

2. Call a friend over to help you get through with the date

If you feel embarrassed about sitting alone at a table in a restaurant after you have been stood up, just call up one of your close friends and ask him or her to come over. Confide in your friend that you have been stood up so that you convey the urgency of the situation. Once your friend reaches, you can have a comforting conversation and vent your anger at your date for not showing up, have your meal and exit gracefully. At least you made an evening out of nothing.

3. Have a date with yourself

So what if you got stood up by someone. That does not mean that you can’t enjoy by yourself. If you can’t bear the thought of hanging out at the same venue where you were waiting for him, just make your way to another decent place. Whether it is a restaurant or cafe, you might as well as make a day out of it since you have dressed up and have been ready to spend some time outdoors. Sample new foods, different varieties of wine or just dig into your favorite comfort food to bid your blues goodbye.

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