6 Ways to Save for a Vacation

6 Ways to Save for a Vacation

There’s nothing more depressing than having a few weeks off of vacation time and not having enough money to go anywhere. In spite of the New Year resolutions and the first few months of concerted savings, there are times when we spend all the saved up cash on something else. There are emergencies, like having to buy a new car just when you thought you had enough money or moving house or buying a new fridge. Then there are your impromptu shopping trips that leave a huge dent on the savings. In spite of all these, there are a few ways to save up for that dream vacation. Here is how.

1. Having a dedicated ‘travel’ savings account

Make sure this account is not linked to and is independent of your other accounts. This way you will not use the money you are saving to spend on other things. Another advantage is that when you travel, you will not take money from your other accounts either. You will only spend what you have. Of course, this works only if you leave the other cards behind and carry only the savings account card.

2. Automatic transfer of money to your travel account

If you don’t trust yourself to save money every month and then put it in your account, make arrangements with your bank. Give instructions so that a certain amount of money automatically gets transferred each month to your travel account. After a while you won’t even realize that you are saving.

3. Piggy bank

Sounds like what a kid would do, but if you really empty your pockets of change every night into a piggy bank or a pickle jar and don’t take anything out of it for a year, you would be surprised to see how much money has been accumulated.

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