6 Ways to Remove Clutter from Your Life

6 Ways to Remove Clutter from Your Life

The clutter in your life includes everything that comes in the way of your enjoying your life to its fullest. You might be happy one moment, but then something happens (say your car breaks down or an annoying person begins talking to you or you get caught in a traffic jam) and immediately all your focus shifts to all that has gone wrong. Instead of enjoying your life and the world around you, you begin complaining, become upset and brood over all the negative things that have happened or are likely to happen. But fact is the clutter you need to get rid of is not the negative things that happen, but instead all the negative thoughts you generate in your mind when you react to such things. Just for once, instead of complaining, start singing your favorite song, and watch what wonders follow! Listed below are 6 simple ways to remove clutter your life.

1. Evaluate

First and foremost, be conscious about the clutter in your life. Evaluate yourself realistically and be aware of all those things you worry and complain about. You will soon realize that most of the things you complain about do not make much difference or are irrelevant to how you lead your life. There is no doubt that things like an annoying colleague, an overweight body, an abusive husband and a chronic disease are things to worry about and cannot be simply forgotten. But even by worrying about them endlessly, what changes will you bring about? Is it not better to think of what to do instead of what might go wrong and what you want rather than all that you do not want?

2. Forgive

Learn to forgive. Do not hold grudges against those people who at some point of time have wronged you. This is because when someone does something wrong like exploiting you, or wrongly accusing you or abusing you, they invariably bring all those negative things upon themselves in some way or the other. You, however, being the victim, have a choice whether to hold on to those thoughts or to let go of them. Forgive the people involved and move on in life. It has been said that there is no need to take revenge because punishment comes on those who deserve it automatically and if you are lucky, you will watch when it happens!

3. Stop judging others

Another way to get rid of the clutter in your life is to stop judging others. Do not notice whether someone is a good person or a bad person. Instead, respect and love everyone for whatever good they have in them. If you really hate someone, stop thinking about that person altogether and surprisingly, you will find he/she has gone from your life too. But the moment you start judging someone, that person will become more of what you think of him/her.

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