6 Ways to Prevent Cavities

6 Ways to Prevent Cavities

A toothache is one of the worst things that can happen to you. It’s annoying and painful. And there’s nothing you can do about it except to leave your fate in the hands of your dentist! So isn’t it better to follow the good old golden rule: ‘Prevention is better than cure’. When it comes to your teeth, you should be careful enough to take proper care because those shiny pearls make you look beautiful with your radiant smile. Here are some ways to prevent cavities that may develop in your teeth.

1. Rinse after eating

It’s a very simple way to ensure that no food is left sticking to your teeth after you have your meals. Just go to the washroom and rinse thoroughly after eating.

2. Brush twice a day

You have heard it often, but now it’s time to actually implement it religiously. Do not be lazy and sleep without brushing your teeth. Not brushing your teeth at night exposes them to all the germs that lead to tooth decay and ultimately cavities.

3. Floss regularly

Your toothbrush cannot take out the tiny food particles stuck in spaces between your teeth. That’s why it is important for you to floss regularly so that cavities do not develop between those spaces. Such cavities are very painful because they often affect two teeth at a time. So take proper care and floss daily.

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