6 Ways to Make Yourself Look Older

6 Ways to Make Yourself Look Older

Many women face the problem of looking much younger than their real age. This isn’t always an advantage as having a baby face may decrease your job prospects and dating options. It may also deter others from taking you seriously. Here are a few things that you can do to make yourself look older.

1. Use makeup strategically

Makeup is a critical aspect of manipulating age on a woman’s face. The techniques of using makeup can determine whether you look too young or too old. If you want to look older than your age, use darker shades of lip sticks including tones of mauve and burgundy. Use heavier eye makeup along with mascara to accentuate the age on your eyes. Use a highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones and harden the contours of your face.

2. Change your dressing aesthetic

If you are in your twenties or thirties and people mistake you for being a teen, it could have something to do with your dressing sense. Wearing too many trendy clothes with bright colors bearing large prints and floral motifs will make you come across as budding teenager. Make yourself appear more mature by selecting jackets, sheath dresses, jumpsuits and trousers that older women are likely to wear. Avoid teenage clothing which includes rompers, cropped tops, worn out denims, hot pants, shrugs and frock styled dresses.

3. Cultivate a mature demeanor

Looking older is directly affected by the way you carry yourself off, including your social etiquette and body language. Talking in a squeaky voice, using too many slang words, slouching or exclaiming unnecessarily are the type of behavioral traits which will make you look young and immature. Oozing assurance and confidence is one of the key factors which will make you look older.

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