6 Ways to Make Up After a Fight

6 Ways to Make Up After a Fight

A relationship can never be perfect. It always has its own ups and downs. Clinging on to the relationship through hard times is what is important. Fights, arguments, opinion clashes are just a part and parcel of a relation. Making up, apologizing or understanding each other is what is necessary for a relation to stand. Here are a few ways to make up after a fight with your loved ones.

1. Value the relationship more than your ego

Whatever be the reason, cause or start of the fight, it always ends up badly with both of you getting hurt. Remember and respect that the other person is hurt too. It is not always about whose fault it is. Ego plays a huge role in a relationship. Value the relationship more than your ego.

2. Apologize or forgive

If it is your fault, apologize. If it is the other one’s fault, accept and forgive. Do not always expect an apology. People might not apologize every time but they really do mean it if they are feeling bad for what they have done. Forget about whose fault it was. Forgive them and get back to normal. This is essential for any relationship.

3. Wait for a while

After a fight, give some time for them to get back to normal. Do not try to get back to peppy talk immediately after your fight. It will not only look awkward but can irritate them even more and aggravate the situation. Take time to calm down and give them some time too. But remember, not always will this work. It differs from person to person. Some might want to solve the fight immediately. Some might take time to calm down and sort out issues. Understand their mentality before you take a step to make up.

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