6 Ways to Know If He is Flirting or Just Being Friendly

6 Ways to Know If He is Flirting or Just Being Friendly

There is a thin line between being flirty and being friendly. What if a guy you know is just being friendly and you take him to be flirty. Well, there are some ways you can distinguish this behavior, so read on.

1. He smiles often

While talking if he smiles at your jokes casually, then he is being friendly. If he exaggerates and touches your hand, then he is being flirty. He may even come very close to you and say you have a good sense of humor. He might be acting fresh, so be aware.

2. He is sarcastic

If he is being sarcastic about anything that you say, then he isn’t really into you. Had he been interested, he would not behave in this manner. If he is being too kind and cute, then he is definitely being flirty with you. If he has a romantic inclination towards you, he would praise you for everything.

3. He takes a break while chatting

If you are chatting with him, and he does not seem interested or keeps cutting you off to do other things, then he is just being friendly with you. Had he been flirting, he would keep talking and complimenting you on various things. If he is flirting, then he will never take a break from the conversation.

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