6 Ways to Handle Your Breakup on Facebook

6 Ways to Handle Your Breakup on Facebook

Facebook, that addictive site that has millions hooked on to it with no signs of slowing down. We use Facebook for a lot of reasons. We use it to stay in touch with friends the world over, update our status messages to let people know what we think and what we feel about certain issues, we post pictures either to show off or genuinely keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts and join different groups to show our support and promote causes and businesses. For all its benefits, it also had its pitfalls. Since you are constantly connected, it is seen as a place to express yourself, sometimes forgetting that it’s a public space and many can read your messages. It becomes especially painful just after a breakup. We give you ways to handle your breakup on Facebook.

1. Do not make abrupt changes to your relationship status

Not everyone on your list needs to know that you have just had a breakup. Remember that not everyone on your list is a close friend and needs to know about your personal life.

2. Do not discuss the breakup on your wall

Don’t turn your wall into a message board, where you can discuss your breakup. The less it is discussed on a public forum, the better it is for everyone involved.

3. Do not insult your ex on his wall

You never know if the breakup is permanent. You can always get back with him later. Insulting him on his wall will hurt any chances of getting back together again.

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