6 Ways to Get Your Children to Focus on School Work

6 Ways to Get Your Children to Focus on School Work

Most kids don’t like doing homework and the dreaded responsibility of making them do it falls on the shoulders of their poor parents. If you and your kids are sailing in the same boat, take a few tips on how you can get them to focus on school work.

1. Keep distractions at bay

Your house is likely to be filled with a million distractions. It could be your phone ringing, the hum of the dishwasher or kids playing at your neighbors’ place. To get your child to focus on school work, you will have to get rid of these distractions. Change your daily habits and lifestyle in a way that you invite minimum distraction. For example, if your weekends are always packed with guests, keep them relatively free so that your kids can focus on studying.

2. Set aside a specific place and time for homework

One of the first things that you have to do to get your children to focus on school work is to dedicate a time slot and a place in the house for the same. Keep a fixed time everyday when you can ask your children to do school work. This will help them to get into a routine and you won’t have to waste time coaxing them to do homework. Setting a fixed place for doing school work will also make your children associate studying and concentrating with a certain corner or desk in the house.

3. Set ground rules from the very beginning

Be very firm with your kids when it comes to setting ground rules for doing school work. Make it clear that they must spend a fixed amount of time focusing on school work on a daily basis. Explain the importance of finishing school work on time and teach them the significance of deadlines. Remember that your kids will follow the study routine that you set for them.

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