6 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Stop Taking You for Granted

6 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Stop Taking You for Granted

Being in a relationship with your boyfriend for a long time may result in him taking you for granted. Every relationship faces this issue at some point or the other. Here’s how you can deal with this problem and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

1. Stay away from him for a prolonged period

Your boyfriend may have begun to take you for granted because you are available to him all the time. An easy way to get him back on track would be to start playing hard to get. If he invites you over for dinner or asks you to go out shopping with him, refuse, saying that you have other plans. You can also decide to travel to a different city for a while. This will draw his attention and he may realize that he could lose you if he doesn’t straighten up.

2. Become demanding about the things you are usually not

You may be an easy going person with simple choices and less demands but that is no good if it makes your boyfriend take you for granted. Try giving your boyfriend a hard time by becoming more demanding about the things. For example, if you are not the type of girl who expects her boyfriend to buy gifts every now and then, make him do so. This will send your boyfriend a hard hitting message that if he takes you for granted, you could become a completely different person for him.

3. Show a cold and indifferent attitude

Do you always make it a point to answer your boyfriend’s call with a smile on your face? Are you extra chirpy when you meet your boyfriend for coffee? If your boyfriend is taking you for granted, there is really no need to give your hundred percent to the relationship. Tone down your chirpiness and give your boyfriend some cold vibes to make him understand that you are not going to be your vibrant self if he doesn’t behave properly.

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    Is this a joke? This is a very effective way to get dumped. Try being nice, not taking him for granted and putting your partner before yourself. These tips are extremely selfish. If your boyfriend did all these things to you, would that improve your relationship? This is the worst article I’ve read in a long time.

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