6 Ways to Get Likes on Facebook

6 Ways to Get Likes on Facebook

A lot of people use Facebook to make new friends, to promote their companies and to stay connected to their loved ones. Facebook can really help you get good exposure. Models, actors and various others use this social networking website. So, check out the following tips if you want to get more Likes on your Facebook posts and communities.

1. Connect with the other Page managers

This is one of the most powerful tactics one can use. Make a live connection with other Page administrators having similar demographic features to yours. You can promote each other to take your Facebook popularity a notch up. So, if you own a Pizza joint then connect with an ice-cream store owner who lives close to your home or office. This way, both the parties will be able to draw the same clientele. Connect with the opposite party on Facebook, talk to him about doing a little cross promotion, share each other’s posts after every few days.

2. Share original content

Content is the ruler of the internet. When you share some content with people, it reaches them along with your name. So, try and equip your Facebook Page with original photos and content. For instance you can post a screenshot of a hot tip. You can also post a photograph of people passionately working in your company. Use inspirational and thought-provoking quotes along with good pictures. Before you post a picture on your Page, make sure that you are following the copyright laws. This is an easy and effective way to provide more visibility to your Facebook Page name, comments and photos.

3. Link your personal profile with your Facebook Page

A lot of people skip this important step. Linking a profile with a Facebook Page is very simple. If some of your friends are searching for your personal profile on Facebook then they will get to see your account as well as your Business Page just because they are connected to each other. This gives more exposure to your Page. You want to make it as easy as possible for users to find your Business Page as well. A strange Community Page is created when people list where they work. It is not properly linked to the Facebook Page. Such a Page is of no use. So, delete this Community Page from your Work and Education section and add the correct Facebook Page. This will help you get the Likes at the right place.

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