6 Ways to Fix an On-Off Relationship

Ways to Fix an On-Off Relationship

On-off relationships can get pretty annoying after a point of time. Think Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. These guys kept splitting, dating other people and then getting back together, before finally tying the knot last year. Well, these people had a happy ending and if you want some sort of clarity on the stance of your on-off relation, then here are some solutions to the problems of an on-off relationship.

1. Start dating someone else

If your man is going back and forth and your relationship is just going around in circles, try dating other men to get your mind off this noncommittal guy. This way you will know for yourself if there really is anyone better than him for you out there. It will also give you and him an opportunity to miss each other and if you both really can’t stand to see each other with other people, then getting committed ought to be the next logical step.

2. Talk it out once and for all

Get him to sit down and have a serious discussion with you about where the relationship is heading for. Make it clear that you have run out of patience and it’s not fair to keep you waiting. Also, make sure he knows that this is the last discussion ever that you will be having with him if he decided to not commit. Learn to steel yourself and just let this man go; don’t give him another chance if he does not take a firm stance this time around.

3. Note down the reasons for the splits

Note down why you both have been splitting and getting back together. What are the factors that are driving you both to a break up but again uniting you only to go different ways again. Think about them and discuss to eliminate the negative points with him.

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