6 Ways to Find Out if Your Love for a Friend of the Opposite Sex is Non-Platonic

6 Ways to Find Your Out Whether Your Love for a Friend of the Opposite Sex is Platonic or Not

Consider yourself very lucky if you share a deep bond of trust, respect and love with your friend. But always remember that it can be possible that your feelings for a friend of the opposite sex can sometimes cross the line between that of a friendship, and those of a non-platonic relationship. Here is how you can find out.

1. Your jealousy about him talking with other females

You will instantly find out if your love for your friend of the opposite sex is platonic by testing your levels of jealousy when he talks to other females. If you instantly feel enraged and experience bouts of jealousy when you see him talking to another woman, your love may be much deeper than just friendship.

2. Your dependence on him on a daily basis

Do you depend on your friend of the opposite sex for almost everything including advice about your career choice to suggestions about the kind of food you should eat? Just because you are friends does not mean that you go into a phase of complete dependence on him, as if you were girlfriend and boyfriend. Your love may not be platonic if you are excessively dependent on him and his opinion for every little thing in your daily routine.

3. Your attachment with his family

Your involuntary feelings of a strong sense attachment and bonding with his family and extended family could mean that you are completely falling for your best friend, from a relationship perspective. It is one thing to be on good terms with a friend’s parents and siblings, but it is a different thing to act and behave as if you are just another member of his household.

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