6 Ways to End a Conversation Without Being Rude

6 Ways to End a Conversation Without Being Rude

In your personal or professional life, you may have encountered a situation in which you want to leave a bad or awkward conversation. Here are a few ways in which you can end a conversation tactfully without coming across as rude.

1. Make an excuse of having to leave

When you are stuck in a bad or boring conversation with someone, making an excuse to leave is the easiest way to escape. Make an excuse of having to get somewhere in a few hours or having an appointment to keep. If you want to come across as nice, you can also make up a soppy story of having to rush somewhere urgently so that you don’t appear uninterested in the conversation.

2. Agree for the sake of it

A conversation may get stretched unnecessarily if two people are arguing or debating over a point of conflict. If you are in a similar spot and you want to end a conversation, simply agree to what the other person is saying. This doesn’t mean that you actually agree to what is being said. The more actively you take part in a conversation, the more you will face chances of being stuck in it for a longer time.

3. Wave to a random person around and leave

An easy way to exit a conversation without being rude to someone is to randomly wave to a stranger while you are talking. This will give an impression that someone across the street or the corridor is genuinely waiting for you. If you have the confidence to pull of this pretense successfully, it can easily help you to end a conversation abruptly and leave without seeming curt.

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