6 Ways to Decide Whether to Have Bangs or Not

6 Ways to Decide Whether to Have Bangs or Not

Are you contemplating on getting a spunky hairdo with bangs and adding to your style quotient? Are you planning to jump on the bandwagon that most Hollywood celebrities have already jumped on? Look through a few of these tips which will help you decide whether you should have bangs or not.

1. The texture of your hair

Bangs are best suited on straight hair. If you have slightly wavy hair, you may want to consider bangs with a side sweep or layered fringes. But if your hair is curly or Afro styled, bangs may not suit you at all. Most Hollywood celebrities who have previously styled their hair with bangs have made it a point to keep straight hair.

2. Upkeep and maintenance

An easy way to decide whether you should have bangs or not is to know how much upkeep they will need, time wise and cost wise. Consult your hairdresser and know about different kinds of bangs and what care they need to stay in shape. If you are always rushed for time and don’t care about looking in the mirror too much, bangs that require daily styling may not be your cup of tea.

3. The shape of your face

Bangs may not necessarily suit all types of faces. If you have an oval or long face with a slightly broad forehead, full length bangs may not be ideal for you. If you have a rotund face with a stubby forehead, bangs could make you look even more round. The shape of your face is crucial to look at in your quest of knowing whether you should have bangs or not.

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