6 Ways How Facebook Can Strengthen Your Frienships

6 Ways How Facebook Can Strengthen Your Frienships

Facebook is not a social networking website anymore; it has become a prime medium to connect with family and friends. Facebook helps you to make new friends and connect with the old ones. Listed below are some ways how Facebook can strengthen your friendship.

1. Facebook Chat

Facebook chat function helps to connect on instant basis. The chat feature helps you to stay online anytime. If you are using Facebook on the phone, then it lets you chat with your friends almost every hour. It helps you to stay updated with your friend’s life, which definitely helps to strengthen your bond of friendship.

2. Facebook Inbox

Forget about email, when you have the option of Facebook inbox. Send messages to your friend via Facebook inbox. This feature lets you maintain your privacy. If you want to indulge in some private conversations with your friend, inbox your message. This feature can help to maintain a long distance friendship along with privacy.

3. Facebook Wall

The best way to stay connected to your friend is by writing on his or her ‘wall.’ This is the simplest way to express your feelings. Just write on your pal’s ‘wall’ and make her feel good. Regular communication through wall messages can also help to strengthen your bond. Especially, if you have made a new friend on Facebook, then this can definitely help.

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