6 Unusual Facts About Love

6 Unusual Facts About Love

Love has been described and expressed in innumerable ways, mediums and forms throughout the history of art and culture. However, no one has really understood the whole concept of love. People have only felt the magical feeling. There are some interesting facts however, about this miraculous emotion, some of which have been listed here.

1. Men fall in love before women

It has been scientifically proven and generally observed as well that men tend to fall in love before women. While it takes an average of 3 meetings for men to fall head over heels for a girl, women develop this strong emotion over a period of time. No wonder many guys blurt the 3 magical words sooner and more often than women do.

2. A good memory goes a long way

It always helps in love, to remember things for it shows care and respect for the other person. If you want to make a good impression on a person you have a crush on, remember stuff about them and mention it during conversations. Your crush would find it a very attractive quality.

3. Calling your partner by his name increases closeness

The more often partners address each other by their names, the closer they get. Hearing the sound of one’s name from a loved one’s mouth actually makes the heart beat a tad faster and captures attention quicker. The feeling of belongingness and familiarity increases.

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