6 Types of Men to Avoid

6 Types of Men to Avoid

You most certainly know that there are plenty of annoying guys out there with whom you would never want to have a relationship. There are several flaws one can enumerate, but then nobody is perfect. Still, there is a certain line which should not be crossed as far as serious relationships are concerned. There are certain types of guys who will make your life miserable if they come into your life. Listed here are some types of guys to run away from even before you consider an association.

1. Guys who are finicky

Guys who are finicky and fussy are the ones you should stop dating immediately. They are the ones who will constantly find flaws in everything you do or say and will never be happy with anything in the world. They will continue to complain even on their death beds and will not give you a single day of peace of mind.

2. Guys who love sports excessively

If he loves sports, it is a good thing. If he loves sports excessively, he is not husband material. Those who love sports even more than you will do everything in life on the basis of which sport is currently being played and their routine will depend upon game timings on television. Their idea of an outing will be to go and watch a match and they may have utter hatred for any other art form like music, films – even the ones you like.

3. Guys who are snobbish

Stay away from guys who are snobbish. They are the ones who think that the world revolves around them and no one on earth knows something that they do not. They will always have an opinion on everything even if it is about some distinct third world poverty problem, and they will always know better than the world’s best economists. They will never listen to what you say and will take all decisions without consulting you (or anybody).

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